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Course: MSc Environmental and Petroleum Geochemistry

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Why I chose Newcastle University

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Choosing Newcastle

I chose this programme because of my renewed interest in environmental sustainability. I desire to understand to know more about my environment, how pollution occurs, ways to model pollution sources and attenuate it.

Choosing Environmental and Petroleum Geochemistry

My keen interest in nature, the processes that create natural features and how natural resources can be sustainably explored informed my choice of course at university level. Going through the content of the modules to be taken can help in choosing a programme, because it is possible to choose a programme and struggle with some modules if one has no related background knowledge of the programme.

About the Programme

I chose Newcastle university because of the robustness and structure of the modules. The contents of the modules perfectly fit my objectives. The structure of the programme is stimulating and educating, theoretical aspects are linked to applications via workshops and field trip, thus enabling students have a good understanding of the programme. The academic and non-teaching personnel are well trained and always ready to help you settle down and get along with your studies. I have enjoyed the fieldtrips, workshops, practical sessions in the laboratory and interactions with lecturers and colleagues.

The modules I have taken so far have stimulated me to learn more. The topics outlined in most modules are fundamental aspects of my research area. Although there are new things I have had to commit more time to learn, but I am nonetheless committed to give my best to achieve my desired goal.

The research activity keeps me updated about on-going researches in my areas and likely ways I can use the research outcomes, build on them or do things differently.

Field Work

The field trips I have taken part in have been of tremendous help. It is a way of consolidating things taught in class and thus gives room to evaluate real scenarios.

Industry Engagement

The programme is grooming my problem solving skills, time management, and communication and writing skills. These are some of the skills my area of study requires. I hope to have achieved the necessary technical skills that will qualify me as an environmentalist as well as a remarkable result.


Newcastle University is got state of the art library which on its own can be used as a research institute. The library’s 24 hours services has been wonderful, as well as other social activities that gives room for interaction with other students. I have also enjoyed the services of Newcastle Career Service. 

Programme facilities have provided access to things like modelling software, articles and journals which have improved quality of learning. The possibility of accessing one’s platform outside school through remote access service is a profound one.


I live in rented accommodation a few minutes away from school. It's comfortable and relatively affordable to live in.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle city is a calm but lively place. It has a rich cultural heritage. It’s a city situated away from the bustling and hustling associated with some other metropolitan cities, hence enables students to be focused. The nearness of the School to the city centre and shops is also an advantage. I have enjoyed the occasional fairs at the city centre.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy travelling, art/craft and sporting activities.

Clubs and Societies

I'm a member of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God. It’s a place to meet so many Newcastle alumni and students from different countries and programme of study. I have enjoyed the academic workshops and training on report and dissertation writing. The organisation also organises social activities like music concert, picnics, soccer and other indoor games.


I received the Newcastle University International Postgraduate Scholarship and CEG School Masters Bursary. The process was simple and easy to do. It was an online form which included personal details, short personal statement, reasons why you should be awarded the scholarship and your aspirations after the programme. The scholarship and bursary reduced the financial commitment of my study, enabling me to worry less about how to pay my tuition fee.

Career Aspirations

I aim to have some years of industrial experience, where I can apply the skills I have gained as an environmental and petroleum geochemist. Thereafter proceed for a doctoral research in climate change - effect of global warming on deep seated fossiliferous deposits in temperate regions.

Remembering Newcastle

A university with an impeccable library service and good welcoming welfare programme for international students. A stimulating programme that keeps one thinking of research and innovation.