School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Production Systems PhD Students

Hannah Davis

Project description

I am a 3rd year PhD student working on improving resource use efficiency, environmental impacts and nutritional quality of grazing-based dairy production.  

I aim to do this by:

  • analysing data collected from the LowInputBreeds (LIB) project in 2011-2012 to create an analytical model that explores production efficiency for low-input farmers
  • xploring differences in milk fat composition between own-brand organic and conventional milk from supermarkets and Pasture for Life Association (PFLA) milk in UK
  • conducting an in-depth study of 23 cows on three low-input UK farms throughout one lactation, gathering data on milk quality, rumination and grazing metrics, yield and much more, with the goal of modelling production (and resource use) efficiency within and between low-input herds
  • understanding how dairy management practices affect milk-quality, production and environmental impact is vital to creating sustainable production systems.


  • Davis, H., Stergiadis, S., Chatzidimitriou, E., Steinshamn, H., Leifert, C., Butler, G (2017) Rapeseed supplementation effect on antioxidant and trace element content of winter organic and conventional milk in North East England. Conference:  Association of Applied Biologists: Sustainable Intensification At: Harpenden, UK, Volume: Aspects of Applied Biology 136, pp. 279-286.
  • Davis, H., Chatzidimitriou, E., Leifert, C., Butler, G. (in review) Evidence that grazing cows can enhance milk quality.


Running, hiking, camping, the great outdoors and animals.