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Filipe de Jesus Colwell
Filipe de Jesus Colwell: PhD student in Agricultural Production Systems

Project description

I am a PhD Research Student, studying the variation in potato varieties under different management practices. While doing this, I am also trying to understand the relationship between different physiological and agronomical traits using traditional techniques and innovative technologies whilst developing new methodological approaches.

In my research, I intend to understand the link between the aforementioned traits and their genetic control. This is being done using Genome Wide Association Mapping to identify associated genomic regions in a potato varietal set. This will feed into future breeding programmes aimed at both conventional and low input farming systems.

Some traditional trait assessment methodologies still used today, for instance, those used in assessing tuber size and shape, or canopy properties, are very time consuming and often subjective/inaccurate. My work aims to use remote sensing techniques/mobile imaging systems along with proximal measurements to develop new image analysis approaches to assess, these traits, in a more expedient, accurate and non-destructively manner.

The project is funded by the Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation (IAFRI).

Project supervisors


Agriculture, Ecology, UAV, GIS, Biotic and Abiotic Stress, History.


  • Conservational Biology Master's Degree
  • Biology Degree