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Agricultural Production Systems PhD Students

Caio Fernandes Zani
Caio Fernandes: PhD student in Agricultural Production Systems

Project description

PhD research: Soil quality response to agricultural land management practices and specific practices

Supervisors: Elisa Lopez-Capel (SNES), Geoffrey Abbott (SNES), Julia Cooper (SNES), James Taylor (INRA)

My PhD research in Newcastle, UK, is particularly looking into the effects of the adoption of organic over non-organic (conventional agriculture) and the implementation of specific practices such as grass-clover ley periods in an arable rotation and grazing on soil quality aspects.

In this study, I will also validate a soil organic matter model and simulate scenarios beyond the temporal extent of the measurements. The outcomes will be used to produce digital maps at a farm and field-scale. We expect that this research will assist farmers, industries as well as policy decision makers to cope with climate change and ultimately, address potential effects of conventional/organic management and specific practices on soil quality aspects which are not fully understood.