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Yaiza Gutierrez Vazquez
Yaiza Gutierrez Vazquez: a PhD candidate in Agricultural Production Systems

Project description

I am researching fungicide resistance in wheat crops. Septoria tritici blotch (STB), caused by Zymoseptoria tritici, is seen as the most serious leaf disease in Northern Europe.

My project involves analysing the genotype and phenotype of field isolates and understanding the relationship between them. I will use:

  • MinION sequencing to analyse population genotypes
  • bioassays to determine the phenotype

I will also analyse the effect of transporters in fungicide resistance (MDR).

I will use mathematical and statistical models to understand differences in resistance levels, how they relate to fungicide treatments, and the gene(s) associated with resistance.

Understanding genotypes of septoria in real-time can lead to improved tailoring of fungicide spray programmes. This will enable better disease control in the short term and reduce selection pressure for resistance in the long term.


  • School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University
  • Fera
    • Femke van den Berg
  • Agrii
    • David Langton


  • BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (University of Basque Country, Spain)
  • MSc in Forensic Analysis (University of Basque Country, Spain)

During my BSc, I studied changes in the expression of receptors and enzymes for synthesis and degradation in the endocannabinoid system using the avidin-biotin-peroxidase method for optical microscopy.

For my MSc project, I analysed the genetic variability of CYP2D6 on Spanish populations and compared them to European populations. This project included the analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms and copy number variation.