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Inés Vázquez-Iglesias
Inés Vázquez-Iglesias: PhD student in Agricultural Production Systems

Project description

I am a PhD student working in rose viruses. I am based at Fera Science Ltd in York and funded by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and DEFRA.

Roses (Rosa L.) are one of the most important ornamental flowering shrubs grown worldwide and the national flower of England. With this project, we want to clarify the current situation of rose viruses in the UK and future-proof rose cultivation.

We are using different molecular techniques to analyse samples from different parts of the UK. These techniques include:

  • ELISA (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay)
  • quantitative PCR
  • High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS)

We want to avoid the entrance and spread of Rose rosette emaravirus, a devastating virus present in the US and reported in India in 2017.

We are also developing virus-vector experiments with two of the viruses involved in Rose Mosaic Disease. We are further investigating a new discovery in the UK, rose cryptic virus-1.


  • School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University
  • Fera Science Ltd
    • Adrian Fox
  • Royal Horticultural Society
    • Gerard Clover
    • Dr Rebekah Robinson


I studied for my BSc in Biotechnology at the University of Leon, Spain, and did my final project at INBIOTEC in Leon. I analysed the cytoplasmic proteome of steroid-producing mycobacteria, in the presence of different sterols.

After finishing my undergraduate degree, I moved to the UK to do an Erasmus+ internship and work on the same project as in my undergraduate thesis at the University of York. I have also studied an online postgraduate course in Genetic Medicine with the University of Valencia in Spain.


I enjoy science and its many fields. I like spending time learning about new things, and researching is my passion.

I like playing sports like basketball and netball. I enjoy skiing, travel, reading, the arts, and meeting people from different countries and cultures.