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Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences


We are an internationally recognised Centre of Excellence in integrative animal science drawing on fundamental research and applying it to areas of societal, industrial and policy importance. Our research primarily involves farm livestock, but also laboratory and companion animal species.

The majority of our research focuses on the development and evaluation of livestock systems, based on high quality animal science and its interface with socio-economics, environmental impact, food safety and food quality.

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We work closely with other research groups specialising in business management, food chain and consumer studies, food science, environmental science and engineering and computing.

Research themes

Our research focus is made up of the following interlinked research themes. 


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Further information about these projects is coming soon:

  • Propig: Reducing the environmental impact by improving health, welfare and nutrition of organic pigs (Defra under the EU Core Organic II programme)
  • Freesow: Selecting the right sow for free-farrowing systems (Industry)
  • Incorporating novel behaviour traits in broiler breeder genetic evaluation programmes (BBSRC CASE Studentship/ Aviagen)
  • Orf disease epidemiology in England (Thomas Harrison Trust/ EBLEX)
  • BPEX: Ranking of factors influencing feed efficiency in sows and finishing pigs
  • BPEX: Light Pig Syndrome: What causes it and how it can be overcome
  • Towards integrated parasite control in cattle through the synergism of host genetics and management (BBSRC CASE Studentship/ Merial)
  • Should we aim for genetic improvement of host resistance or tolerance to infectious disease? (BBSRC CASE Studentship/ Genus PIC)