School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Ecology and Conservation

Ecology and Conservation

The Ecology and Conservation Research Group aims to understand species and habitat patterns observed in nature, often with anthropogenic effects.

Our research is driven by societal need. We often work with policy-makers and practitioners to create management decisions and shape biodiversity policy agendas.

We have a range of collaborators and funders that aid our research.

Research themes

The Group has four research themes:




Human-Wildlife Interactions

Conserving biodiversity: a 2030 story

The Aichi Targets for Biodiversity are due to expire in 2020. The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide new opportunities.

They provide a framework for continuing what the Aichi Targets began. It's a continuing brief for safeguarding the planet’s species and preventing extinctions.

These scenarios, backed by our scientists' research and expertise, provide a vision. Researchers, policymakers, land managers and conservationists can work together to improve biodiversity.