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Nick Brodin

Project description

My MPhil research is looking at conservation of the little tern (Sternula albifrons) with particular reference to food provisioning of chicks.

I am investigating the range of prey species that are brought to chicks and the environmental and demographic factors that influence feeding success.

The work forms part of an EU LIFE funded little tern recovery project, led on by the RSPB.

I am examining the results of provisioning observations collected through the LIFE project at tern breeding colonies across England and Wales. I am also studying little tern breeding colonies in Northumberland.

My research is also looking into the potential use of camera traps and video footage as an alternative method of collecting provisioning information and of independently validating the data obtained from field observations.


I am undertaking my studies part time while also employed as project officer for the Berwickshire and Northumberland Marine Nature Partnership. I have a professional interest in marine conservation, seabird ecology and the management of Marine Protected Areas.


  • BSc (Hons) Agricultural and Environmental Science (Newcastle University)
  • MSc in Ecology (Durham University)