School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Biological, Clinical & Environmental Modelling

Biological, Clinical and Environmental Systems Modelling

Our group focuses on analysing the structure and dynamics of complex biological and clinical systems, with a specific interest in developing approaches for investigating spatially and temporally heterogeneous processes.

We apply strategic modelling approaches to investigate general biological principles. A key driver of our research is its practical problem solving for stakeholders through the use of state of the art modelling.

We have extensive experience in a range of applied biological, environmental and health problems. We employ a wide range of analytical techniques including:

  • hierarchical modelling
  • Bayesian routines
  • multivariate statistics
  • expert elicitation, and
  • network analysis

Our research portfolio is diverse with core funding sources including the:

  • UK Research Councils,
  • EC (FP7)
  • UK government (DEFRA, National Health Service, National Institute for Health Research)