School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Iwokrama - Developing hydroclimate, geochemistry, biodiversity and cultural heritage research in the pristine tropical rainforest of Guyana

The Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development has its heart in the nearly one million acres of pristine Guiana Shield rainforest that serves as a living laboratory for scientific research, responsible tourism and sustainable tropical forest management.

Project Leader: Professor Tom Wagner, Dr Geoff Parkin, Dr. Isabella Bovolo, Dr Rachel Gaulton, Dr Geoff Abbott, Dr Gerard Corsane; Professor Peter Davis

Project Details

Iwokrama has a unique and ambitious conservation and development mandate that seeks to show that rainforest resources can be used sustainably to generate economic benefits through traditional and scientific resource-based knowledge and management.

To remain on the cutting-edge of rainforest-based research, Iwokrama has partnered with several organizations worldwide to plan, implement and analyze key projects relating to its mandate. Among these partners is Newcastle University where a team of researchers is taking the lead in developing research in the areas of climate, hydrology, (soil and river) geochemistry, biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Academic Staff

  • Dr Geoff Abbott
  • Dr Isabella Bovolo
  • Dr Gerard Corsane
  • Professor Peter Davis
  • Dr Rachel Gaulton
  • Dr Geoff Parkin
  • Professor Tom Wagner

PhD Students

  • Mr Jared Bowers
  • Miss Samantha Boyes
  • Miss Jasmine Black
  • Miss Zelda van der Waal