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Geochemical control of organic matter turnover

Geochemical control of organic matter turnover in peatlands: long-term security or short-term vulnerability of a major carbon store?

Peatlands cover vast areas of the world - around four million square kilometres - and store about as much carbon as the living plants in tropical rainforests.

Project Leader: Dr. Geoff Abbott
Sponsors: NERC
Dr Lisa Belyea (Queen Mary College, London University); Dr. Greg Cowie (Edinburgh University)
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For the past 5,000-10,000 years, the plants living on peatlands have been fixing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it as dead plant matter - 'peat'.

In a future warmer and possibly drier climate, this stored carbon could be respired back to the atmosphere or leached into rivers.

Will increased temperatures and decreased rainfall lead to rapid loss of the peatland carbon store? If so, then the extra carbon released from peatlands could enhance 'greenhouse' warming further, leading to a runaway positive feedback on global climate.

Or will rapid climate change trigger a shift to peatland types that accumulate peat (and store carbon) at a faster rate than present-day peatlands? If the latter, then peatlands could buffer further climate change.


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Academic Staff

  • Dr Geoff Abbott