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Caio Fernandes Zani
Caio Fernandes Zani

  • PhD student
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  • Address: School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Agriculture Building Room 5.18, Newcastle University NE1 7RU

Project title

Soil quality response to agricultural land management practices and specific practices

Project description

My PhD research in Newcastle, UK, is particularly looking into the effects of the adoption of organic over non-organic (conventional agriculture) and the implementation of specific practices such as grass-clover ley periods in an arable rotation and grazing on soil quality aspects.

In this study, I will also validate a soil organic matter model and simulate scenarios beyond the temporal extent of the measurements. The outcomes will be used to produce digital maps at a farm and field-scale.

We expect that this research will assist farmers, industries as well as policy decision makers to cope with climate change and ultimately, address potential effects of conventional/organic management and specific practices on soil quality aspects which are not fully understood.

The supervisory team consists of Elisa Lopez-Capel (SNES), Geoffrey Abbott (SNES), Julia Cooper (SNES), James Taylor (INRA).


  • Zani, C.F., Barneze, A.S., Robertson, A.D., Keith, A.M., Cerri, C.E.P., McNamara, N.P. (2018) Vinasse application and cessation of burning in sugarcane management can have positive impact on soil carbon stocks. PeerJ 6, e5398
  • Barneze, A.S. , Mazzetto, A.M., Zani, C.F., Misselbrook, T., Cerri, C.C. (2014) Nitrous oxide emissions from soil due to urine deposition by grazing cattle in Brazil. Atmospheric Environment, Volume 92, Pages 394-397,
  • Signor, D., Zani, C.F., Paladini, A.A., Deon, M.D.I., Cerri, C.E.P. (2014) Carbon stocks and quality of soil organic matter in sugarcane fields. Rev. Bras. Ciênc. Solo vol.38, n.5, pp.1402-1410.


Soil quality, ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture, management practices, environmental carbon cycling, climate change


  • BSc (Hons) Biofuel (São Paulo State Technological College - FATEC, Brazil, 2009 - 2011)
  • MSc Science - Chemistry in Agriculture and Environment (University of São Paulo - USP, Brazil, 2013 - 2015)