School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Acoustic Mapping of Anguilla's Ecosystem Services

Collecting data in the marine environment is challenging and costly such that in many areas around the world nautical charts are based on historic 20th or even 19th century data increasing the risk of vessel groundings and environmental disasters. New hydrographic data will be collected in priority areas of Anguilla using latest state-of-the-art seabed mapping technology in association with satellite derived bathymetry data of the entire island providing high resolution 3D visualisations including information on seabed communities.

Local stakeholders will be provided with training in collection, analysis and use of the data to ensure an embedded understanding of the acoustic survey tools used. The data from this project will be made freely available and will be used by the hydrographic office to update navigational charts. It may also be used to identify new locations of rare species or habitats and can support local management schemes essential to ensure protection of this biodiverse environment.