School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


A sustainable fishing plan for the Farne Deeps Nephrops fishery (2011-12)

The North Sea Regional Council (NSRAC) long-term management plan (LTMP) for North Sea nephrops prawns recognises the functional units (FUs) currently used for stock assessment.  Each FU has its own biological, ecological and economic characteristics and particularly following passage of the Marine & Coastal Access Act through the UK Parliament, the management context has been changing. The aim of this study is to draft the first sustainable fishing (SFP) for the nephrops FU in the Farne Deeps area off Northumberland. The plan is aimed at facilitating the development of a sustainable fishery that provides adequate safeguards to the marine environment and facilitates interactions with other fisheries and activities. The project is iteratively consulting with the nephrops fishers operating in the Farne Deeps area to produce the first SFP; this will be considered by the NSRAC as part of its LTMP for North Sea nephrops.