School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Lobster abundance and movements in Northumberland

Assessment of the state of crustacean stocks is hampered by poor understanding of their biology. Building on previous work describing the fishery (Dr Rachel Turner), this project focuses especially on fishery-independent estimates of abundance and knowledge of movement within the stock. Mark Recapture approaches are being used to estimate abundances at several locations along the Northumberland coast (Natural England, MMO). Vemco acoustic telemetry equipment (MMO) and tag returns by fishermen (MAST) are being used to improve understanding of the scale and direction of movement along the coast, and the influence of habitat heterogeneity.

Supporting funding has been provided by the following projects: Monitoring lobster-habitat interactions using acoustic telemetry (MMO); Impacts of windfarms on Northumberland shellfisheries, H.gammarus and C.pagurus (MMO); Establishing Northumberland lobster populations (Natural England).