School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Marine reserves for the development of a sustainable lagoon fishery in Rodrigues


In response to degradation of the marine environment and a decline in fish catches within the lagoon in Rodrigues, Western Indian Ocean, the Rodrigues Regional Assembly proclaimed a network of marine reserves in the northern lagoon. These reserves had not been demarcated prior to implementation and considered to be ‘paper park’s’ with no enforcement of the regulations. This project aimed to demarcate the reserves and support their development through a combination of education, training, participatory governance and research, working in collaboration with the local communities in Rodrigues.


The major output of the project was an understanding of the attitudes, perceptions and socio-economic drivers underpinning behaviour of local communities in the Northern part of Rodrigues and the demarcation of the 3 marine reserves that complemented the marine reserve at Rivière Banane, creating a network of Marine Protected Areas in the northern lagoon.