School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Zanzibar Shark Assessment project, Tanzania

There is a general lack of information on shark occurrence, abundance and ecology in the western Indian Ocean. Meanwhile there is no control over the numbers of sharks caught and no consideration to whether the species are endangered. Research is needed to improve the understanding of the conservation status of sharks in East Africa and globally. In this project we collect baseline data on sharks caught in fisheries in Zanzibar. Beach recorders in two locations on the north and south coast of Zanzibar record information on species, sex, length & weight along with pictures and taking samples for genetic and ecological analyses before specimens are going to market. These data will provide the necessary baseline information to develop future research to investigate status of shark species in the area and their roles in the local ecosystems. It further provides information needed for future conservation and management of sharks off Zanzibar and in the western Indian Ocean region.

Graduate student involved in the project:

William Jolly, Marine Science MPhil-student (