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PROHEALTH – Sustainable intensive pig and poultry production.

PROHEALTH [PROduction HEALTH] is an 11.9 million Euro project that will enhance fundamental understanding of the complex interactions between animal, environment and disease agents which underlie the expression of production diseases. It will use this knowledge to develop and test effective innovative control strategies applicable in large scale intensive pig and poultry production and quantify their health, welfare and economic benefit. The overall aim of PROHEALTH is to ‘contribute to our understanding of the multifactorial dimension of animal pathologies linked to the intensification of production’, and ‘to help to provide effective control strategies to reduce the impact on animal welfare, including health’.

Please view the Decade of EU funded animal production research‌ (PDF: 364KB)

The project will address the production diseases of pigs, broiler and egg laying chickens, and turkeys raised in a wide range of intensive systems across the EU, and pool expertise from 10 academic centres of excellence, 1 European association, 7 SME and 4 Industry partners in 10 EU Member states and 1 Associated Country. The project includes a range of participatory R&D activities, involving the development of improvement strategies, dissemination activities and digital tools and platforms for the EU pig and poultry industries. Specifically, the proposed project will address issues related to:

PROHEALTH is administered via 9 interrelated work packages:

  1. Risk factors and association between diseases
  2. Neonatal survival and developmental influences on health
  3. Associations between geno-type and health
  4. Role of farm environment on the temporal expression of diseases
  5. Immunological and molecular characterisation of diseases
  6. Strategies for reducing production diseases on farm
  7. Socioeconomic evaluation of controls of production diseases
  8. Dissemination, training and exploitation
  9. Project management and coordination

Professor Sandra Edwards is the WorkPackage Leader for WP2 which deals with neonatal survival in pigs and chickens and the development and early life experience influences on the short and long term health.

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