School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


The Art of Milk

This project addresses the Newcastle Institute for Sustainability Challenge ‘Production and Resources’ in an original and innovative way: through a collaborative art-residency between the Centre for Rural Economy and Berwick Visual Arts. In particular, this project aims to explore sustainable milk production in Northumberland through engaged art practice and in-depth interviews with dairy farmers.

The project is entirely artist-led and responds to the sustainability agenda goals by exploring the multi-scalar sustainability of dairy farms, by engaging rural residents, dairy farmers and researchers in new modes of expression and by offering imaginative ways of promoting local culture and products. During her residency, Gemma Burditt conducted interviews with dairy farmers in Northumberland to help her produce the story of a dairy farm at this point in history, where it has come from, and the scale of factors influencing its journey. Art-led workshops and seminars have also be conducted at the University and in Berwick Visual Arts.

The outcome of this project is a 4 metre long video installation depicting this journey. You can see an extract of this video here