School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


TIPTAP: Territorial Impact Package for Transport and Agricultural Policies

The EU encompasses a rich territorial diversity, however, there is a growing risk of increased territorial imbalance arising from the concentration of growth, innovation and production in the EU’s most dynamic regions.

By contrast the concept of territorial cohesion suggests that all territories should have the opportunity to contribute to Europe’s growth and jobs agenda, making the most of their individual assets, while also ensuring social cohesion and conserving natural assets.

To overcome the difficulties of uneven (and unforeseen) impacts of EU sectoral policies, there is a need for suitable assessment tools at sub-national level. In support of this, the TIPTAP project seeks to develop a territorial impact assessment tool for ex ante policy evaluation which is operational at NUTS2 or NUTS3 spatial geography. Building on an existing tool, TEQUILA, TIPTAP is concerned with two sectors: transport and agriculture.