School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Chris Redfern

Emeritus Professor


Roles and Responsibilities

Research supervision

Supervision of undergraduate student projects

Teaching contributions to undergraduate and masters degree programme

Safety Committee Chair for the Northern Institute for Cancer Research


BSc (Hons), Exon; PhD (Genetics), Cantab.

Previous Positions

Senior Demonstrator, Department of Biochemistry, University of Liverpool (1982-83)
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Dept. Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh (1980-1982).


British Association for Cancer Research
Genetics Society
Biochemical Society
British Society for Developmental Biology

Honours and Awards

Bernard Tucker Medal (British Trust for Ornithology)


I can count to ten in German and French.


Research Interests

Main research interests concern the role of retinoids (vitamin A and derivatives) and ligand-dependent transcription factors in cellular signalling processes, particularly relating to differentiation, apoptosis and cell stress. I am particularly interested in the use of systems biology to understand the dynamics of cell signalling. Related interests includes the role of thiopurines in cell signalling and immunosuppression.

Other Expertise

Ornithology- ringing and tagging with electronic devices as monitoring and research tools

Current Work

The mechanism of retinoids in inducing survival pathways in response to cell stress, and interactions between retinoid and arachidonic acid signalling. The role and mechanisms of retinoic acid receptors in transducing retinoid signals in relation to the differentiation and apoptosis of neuroblastoma cells. Interactions between retinoids and stress signalling pathways with respect to the induction of tumour cell death. Inhibition of protein disulphide isomerase as a therapeutic strategy for cancer. Graphene as a biological platform for drug delivery and cell sensors.

Research Roles

Principle Investigator & Group Leader

Postgraduate Supervision

PhD students, Post-doctoral Research Associates.

Esteem Indicators

External Advisor for EU Horizon 2020 project: ER Stress in Health & Disease (TRAIN-ERS Network), National University of Ireland in Galway.

Scientific Committee of 2016 Conference on Computational Modelling with COPASI, Manchester, May 2016

Editor: Ringing & Migration


Cancer Research UK
Neuroblastoma Society
Newcastle Healthcare


Undergraduate Teaching

Biology Degree Programme (Vertebrate biology)

Postgraduate Teaching

Systems biology

Research supervision of PhD students and Masters projects