School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Demelza Menendez Vega

Senior Bio/Geoscience Teaching Technician


I have been working at Newcastle University since 2016.  In May 2018, I became a Senior Technician of the School of Natural and Environmental Science, as part of the Teaching Technical Team based mainly in Drummond Building.  



  • 2007:

-   Master Degree “Wastewater Management and Treatment”. University of Cadiz(Spain).

-  Master Degree “Consultant of management and environmental engineering”. Official school of industry (EOI, Spain).

  • 2006: Master Research “Environmental Microbiology”. University of Oviedo (Spain).
  • 2003: Bachelor Degree “Biology”. University of Oviedo (Spain).


  • Laboratory management.
  • Isolation, identification and characterisation of aerobic hydrocarbon degraders from groundwater and soil.

  • Nitrate microbial influenced corrosion analysis under anaerobic conditions.

  • Molecular biology (PCR, electrophoresis, NGS, DNA/RNA extraction and analysis).

  • Microscopy.

  • Compressed gasses

  • Analytical equipment: GC, HPLC, IC.

  • Health and Safety: COSSH, BIOCOSSH, Risk assessments.

  • Fieldwork

  • Provide support and supervision to students and research staff.

 Previous projects:

  • 2016-2018: Geomicrobiology Research Technician. Microbial influenced corrosion project. Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Ian Head, Prof. Dr. Casey Hubert, Dr. Sven Lahme and Dr. Julia R. de Rezende
  • 2013-2014: Volunteer at University of California Davis (UCD) Arboretum (USA).          Supervisor: Dr. Mia Ingolia.
  • 2007-2017: Environmental Consultant at Development and Researching of Natural Resources (IDRENA, Spain). Supervisor: Carlos Alfaro.
  • 2004-2007: Microbiologist at Oviedo University (Spain). Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jesus Sanchez and Prof. Dr. Jose L. Rodriguez Gallego.