School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Gary Day

Senior Mechanical Workshop Technician


In my role I am responsible for the mechanical workshop provision within the School of Chemistry.

This involves the design from drawings, sketches or verbal instructions of bespoke equipment to suit the client's specification and needs using various techniques and materials. These requests can be from PhD, Under Graduate teaching, RAs or PIs. 
Techniques include Tig welding, machining on lathes and milling machines, CNC (XYZ Prototrak, AJAX Siemens 808D) and manual. Use of CAD/CAM (OneCNC), AutoCAD and Solid Edge software.

I also work for other schools and institutes within the University.
This work can entail maintenance of equipment or manufacture of items.
I am responsible for estimating the cost of work to be undertaken, liaising with suppliers and providers to ensure effective project progress.
I am responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the vacuum pumps and systems within the school and also pressure systems and rigs.