School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Jerry Hagon




  • BSc (Hons) Astronomy & Astrophysics (Newcastle) 1982
  • PhD Condensed Matter Physics (Newcastle) 1985

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Foundation Physics Laboratory Organiser in Semester 1.
  • NMR Lab Server administrator.
  • Module leader for PHY1025, PHY3020, SFY0014, SFY0015 and SFY0016.


Research Interests

Theoretical and computational chemistry. Data visualization and visual programming. General methods in quantum and classical mechanics.

Other Skills

Web/database programming (particularly using Ruby on Rails, PHP/MySQL, Perl) and some aspects of website maintenance. Linux system administration and integration with Windows domain networks.

Current Work

Analytical methods in quantum well systems. Ab-initio quantum chemical calculations on mixed amine structures. I work mainly in the Molecular Photonics Group.

 Recent Computational Development

  • Software to calculate eigensolutions for square wells and barriers and produce a TikZ graphic to display them.
  • Wrote a database for COSHH and unattended experiments.

 I have written and continue to maintain the following software:

  • Development of the AIMproDX molecular visualization system for the graphical analysis of AIMpro result files. (AIMpro is an ab-initio density-functional molecular modeller written by Patrick Briddon)
  • Development of font2dx — a system to convert outline fonts (Type 1, OpenType, Truetype) to OpenDX format.
  • Development of dvidx — a TeX DVI driver for OpenDX output. Related to this is the development of a LaTeX interface to OpenDX called DXFontutils.

 Much of the above work was published in the international computer typesetting journal TUGboat (TUGboat, 25-2,2004,p177—188). AIMproDX is used in several universities in the UK, Europe and North Africa.

Postgraduate Supervision

 Mr Abdussalam Mansur (Electronic Structure of Complex Quantum Well Heterostructures) who graduated in 2007.

Esteem Indicators

External PhD examiner for the Dept of Electrical Engineering at University of Leeds (2005) and the School of Computing, Science and Engineering, University of Salford (2014). Internal PhD examiner in Physics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering (1988-2018).


Undergraduate Teaching

I am currently (2019-20) teaching in the following modules:

SFY0007: Foundation Year Project (project supervision)

SFY0016: Optics (12 lectures)

SFY0016: Vibrations & Waves (12 lectures)

SFY0016: Electricity and Magnetism (12 lectures)

SFY0015: Forces and Fields (12 lectures)

SFY0015: Thermal Physics and Materials (12 lectures)

SFY0015: Laboratory Physics: Organiser and Demonstrator

PHY1025: Introductory Quantum Mechanics (24 lectures)

Foundation Physics: Introduction to Calculus (online support)

PHY3020: Advanced Quantum Mechanics (24 lectures)

CHY1205: Introductory Physical Chemistry (4 lectures and computing labs)

CHY8430: Advanced Problem Solving in Chemistry: Group Theory (4 lectures)

CHY3011: Research Literature Project