School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Staff Profile

Professor John Magee

Visiting Professor


Formerly, Director of the North East Public Health Laboratory and Head of the North of England Mycobacterium Reference Laboratory. Latterly, Specialist Scientist with Public Health England National Infection Service and Chair of the PHE Assay Development Review Group. Expert Adviser for the NICE Centre for Clinical Practice. Editor of the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

Research background primarily in diagnostic and taxonomic studies of mycobacteria and most recently in molecular diagnostics and strain typing.  Publications show a heavy bias towards these areas, in addition to many presentations to national and international meetings.

Interested in the characterisation of several putative novel species of mycobacteria detected in previous studies; and in the evolutionary lineage and taxonomy of the M. tuberculosis complex

Currently, examining genomic variations in the whole genome sequences of M. abscessus var. abscessus, M. abscessus var. bolletii and M. chelonae as an aid to understanding of the varying clinical impact of these species. Additionally, exploring the occurrence and epidemiology of these species in fibrocystic disease.