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Dr Mohammad Alqattan

Research Associate


Area of Expertise 

Marine science and technology, maritime investment, blue economy, maritime piracy and terrorism, nautical science, illegal fishing, maritime security, energy. 

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I am working on a project between Kuwait and Newcastle University to integrate the Kuwaiti Blue economy for future replacement of oil income. The research project will analyze and integrate the following sectors in Kuwait by reviewing other selected case studies for states, firms and investments who applied these types of investments:

Maritime shipping

  • Participating in global shipping policy making
  • Increasing information exchange
  • Modernising ports and harbours
  • Expanding maritime transportation (exporting and importing)
  • Coordinating regional shipping hubs and sea stations
  • Investing in shipping logistical data.

Maritime tourism

  • Investing in domestic maritime tourism
  • Improving the infrastructure in the Kuwaiti islands for tourism purposes
  • Obtaining shares in international tourism companies.

Maritime ship building 

  • Investing in ship building
  • Improving its regional ship repair supply system
  • Partnering with other countries in international shipbuilding
  • Establishing a dry bulk industry.

Maritime security

  • Investing in regional and international maritime protection
  • Providing regional and international protection convoys
  • Entering the international maritime insurance sector.


Marine biodiversity.

  1. Investing in international ecosystem protection
  2. Reinforcing its protection of Kuwait’s EEZ ecosystem
  3. Providing resources for marine pollution investigation and prosecution of polluters
  4. Develop methods of air pollution control from ships.


Marine fishing

  1. Subsidising fishers to upgrade their vessels
  2. Taking firm action against IUU fishing
  3. Participating in international and regional fisheries regimes

Marine fish processing

  1. Investing in infrastructure for processing plants
  2. Encouraging private sector investment in fish processing companies
  3. Facilitating projects for aquaculture or fish farming


Maritime training:

       Kuwait has a long naval tradition, and could put this experience to good use in setting up maritime training institutions        by: 

  1. Investment in maritime training facilities for all the above sectors, locally and internationally, including the provision of training ships and simulators
  2. Offer certificates of qualification in maritime activities  


Maritime trade:

        Kuwait is in a favourable geographical position to participate more extensively in the growth of sea trading by: 

  1. Investing in large vessels for ocean trade
  2. Participating in international trade in manufactured goods
  3. Continuing to ship oil and gas from its own resources and those of neighbouring countries
  4. Develop more sophisticated methods of shifting cargos from road to sea

Marine renewable energy:                                                                                                                                       

        Kuwait could radically alter its energy supply system by investing in marine renewable energy projects such as:

  1. Energy produced from wave motion
  2. Energy produced from sea tidal motion
  3. Energy produced from sea thermal power
  4. Energy produced from seawater and river dams


Maritime technology

  1. Marine remote sensing
  2. Marine nanotechnology
  3. RADARs
  4. SONARs


The research into each of these 11 elements of Kuwait’s marine sector will include a SWOT analysis of the market (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and a business plan, including a scope of work and action analysis.