School of Natural and Environmental Sciences



Why did you choose Newcastle?

Newcastle is constantly voted one of the best universities in the country and I wanted to be part of an institution to be proud of. Newcastle is a brilliant university which offers great opportunities through Societies, Careers Services and your course.

On the Visit Day, everyone was really friendly and positive and I love that there’s a constant party atmosphere in the city no matter what day of the year!

What do you like most about your course?

My course is fascinating, we study such a large variety of topics and I love how the lecturers share their own research with us. It really makes the topic become real and exciting. I love how we get to go to field trips abroad (to Crete, for example, amazing!) and to the local countryside and botanical gardens.

Everyone is really friendly and it’s easy to become passionate about your favourite area of biology! We have brilliant feedback from our lecturers, constant support and brilliant opportunities to develop outside our course.

If you had to recommend Newcastle or your course to a student trying to choose a university what would you say to them?

If you love to be challenged and pushing yourself then Newcastle is the place for you. The course had great variety and is really interesting and the lecturers are helpful and passionate.

The University is modern and life is never dull! State of the art facilities, brilliant course and great city, choose Newcastle!

How would you describe Newcastle?

The best city ever! It’s been voted best student city for a reason. I love how all is within a short distance: you can take a trip to the beautiful beach at Tynemouth or ice skate at the Life Centre, visit a comedy club or the award-winning art gallery at the Baltic. There’s something for everyone. Best of all, Newcastle is cheap! Nights out are so much fun, and there’s always a party every night of the week. The locals are super friendly and I just feel safe in this small but charming city.

What do you think about the clubs and societies that you can join? If you have been a member of one, what sort of activities has it involved?

I am a member of the Surf Club, which coming from the Midlands (two hours from the beach) it’s something I’ve only ever dreamed of! As a complete beginner until university, I’ve loved it. Lessons and kits are provided and I’ve made tons of friends surfing in the water. I went to the famous trip to Morocco last year which was crazy! Newcastle is famed for its vast number of societies whether you like dance or diving, get involved!

Where do you live? Was it easy to find somewhere?

In my first year I lived in the famous Ricky Road which was awesome – it was cheap, cheerful and just a laugh. There was always someone to talk to or a party to be at, and it’s only a five-minute walk from University.I now live in Jesmond which is a really cool area with lots of bars and shops.

It’s really easy to find somewhere to live and you can get lots of help and advice from the University if you want it.