School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Course: MChem with Industry

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle is my local university and this, coupled with its fantastic reputation made my choice very easy. Newcastle itself is a very friendly and welcoming place and the university is no different.

The reputation of the vibrant nightlife within the city has been publicized greatly, and while this is a big plus point for students, it often means the academic credentials of the university are sometimes overlooked!

To be able to attend a Russell Group University situated in one of the liveliest cities in the UK is something that I’d recommend to anyone.

About your course

A Chemistry Degree teaches many skills that have helped me secure a graduate job. Problem-solving, logical thinking, time management and planning are just a few of the skills that have grown during my time at Newcastle. Not only have these made studying easier, they are key skills that an employer looks for when hiring, and I certainly had to utilize them during my year in industry with SunChemical.

Throughout my whole degree, my year away has to me the most valuable experience. The opportunity to work in a chemical company for a year, putting some of the things I had learned into context was very useful. 

There are many possible career avenues to follow for chemistry graduates and this is down to the many transferable skills that are developed throughout.

Career aspirations

It was always a goal of mine to have first-hand experience working in an industrial chemical company, and with the help of the Chemistry at Newcastle University I have already achieved this!

The fact I can boast a valuable year of experience on my CV will help me to stand out of the crowd when it comes to interviews in the future. That, added to a degree from an excellent university, will make me an all-round more employable person.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is an amazing place to study, here is always something going on that you can get involved with. I have especially enjoyed the intra-mural sport offered by the university. I have played 5 and 7 a side football during my time at Newcastle and the facilities offered are very impressive.

Three ‘top tips’

  • Take advantage of the opportunities that arise. The student union and chemistry school organize many social and educational events. Get involved! It is a good chance to make new friends and broaden your horizons.
  • Work hard. Enjoy the social life of university, but remember the real reason why you are a student.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone in Newcastle is very friendly and are always happy to help. If you have a problem, speak to someone, it will invariably be solved.

Remembering Newcastle

My best memory is securing my industrial placement. It was a great feeling to receive gratification for my hard work and studying, by being offered a job in a chemical company. 

I have been an active student ambassador during my time at university. This has been a great way to earn some extra money doing a job that is flexible around my studies. I would recommend becoming a student ambassador to anyone.