School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Course: MChem

Choosing Newcastle

I was attracted to Newcastle University by its academic reputation, with Newcastle being a Russell group university I was confident in the quality of the teaching offered and that the course would be stimulating. I was also enticed to Newcastle by the friendly, affordable city, being able to watch Newcastle United every week as well as some amazing venues for alternative music.

About your course

Although it’s very cliché it does open many doors, even ones you’ve never even considered before. You not only develop an excellent knowledge base on your chosen subject but also develop a different way of thinking and approaching problems to have you would’ve previously.

Career aspirations

It’s helped me realise my career ambitions and the direction I wish to head in more than anything. I intend to join the RAF as a pilot, and although the role doesn’t directly require my chemistry degree, it stands me very favourably in the selection process, particularly being a highly numerate and problem solving based subject.

Being a student in Newcastle

The people you meet and the friendships you make are huge, there’s so much to do around Newcastle, with sport, nights out or even trips to Northumberland to Keilder, having the right people around me to embrace the area has been a huge part of being a student in Newcastle.

Three ‘top tips’

  • Try everything you can, you never know what you might like
  • Join a society, from football to baking there’s plenty of choice for everyone
  • Make sure you visit Tynemouth in the summer time

Remembering Newcastle

Over the last three years I’ve captained and coached in the intramural league, this year I set up the department football team, ChemSoc, we went on to win the league this year on the last day of the season and had a fantastic team morale.

Either that, or during third year, through the young greens group within Newcastle University I had the opportunity to campaign and run for the green party in the 2015 local elections, winning 11% of the vote in my ward.