School of Natural and Environmental Sciences


Course: Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry

Choosing Newcastle

I initially applied to Newcastle as it has a good reputation as one of the best student cities and is ranked consistently highly in university league tables. The research facilities in the Chemistry department was something that meant Newcastle stood out above other universities.

About your course

I have really enjoyed the Medicinal Chemistry module as it gives you an insight into the importance of drug design, development and the practical applications of Chemistry. Learning about how drugs interact with the body and being taught through case studies is really interesting.

The quality of teaching is outstanding. The teaching staff are enthusiastic about their subjects and communicate their points well during lectures. The weekly tutorial sessions give you the chance to ask questions and go over what you’ve been learning in a smaller group. The two weekly lab sessions give you the chance to put what you learn during lectures into practice.

Recommending Newcastle

During the first year all students on the both the Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry degrees are taught together and cover all the same modules. This is really useful as it’s easy to decide if there are some modules you’re more interested in and there is flexibility to switch between the programmes at the start of Stage 2.

Newcastle University offer lots of other opportunities such as the Student Ambassador and student mentoring programmes.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is a very friendly city with a large student population and lots of clubs and societies to get involved in. There is a great night life but lots of other things to do too.

Clubs and societies

This year I’m part of Newcastle LINKS society and the Trampolining club. There are lots of socials with both clubs as well as weekends away and competitions. It’s a good opportunity to meet other people outside your course and accommodation.


I moved to Jesmond this year with the same people I lived with in first year. We didn’t start looking at accommodation until after Christmas but there was still lots to choose from.

Student finance

If you’re applying for student finance, get your application in before the deadline and make sure you send back all the declaration forms to ensure you get your money at the start of each term.

Career aspirations

After I graduate I hope to go on to further study. My personal tutor has been helpful in supporting me with my application.