School of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Field Trips and Studying Abroad

Field Trips and Studying Abroad

Many of our undergraduate degrees offer great opportunities to travel and study abroad.

Our Biology undergraduates enjoy a field trip to the Farne Islands to look at bird species including Puffins and Arctic Terns.

Biology & Zoology

Our Biology courses offer you a chance to either explore South Africa or Thailand. There are opportunities to visit spectacular places in Northumberland, including the Farne Islands.

Depending on what year you join us, Thailand or South Africa could be your destination for field study. We alternate our major Biology field trips for your third year with us.

You can also opt to study abroad as part of your degree.

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Our Earth Science degrees offer field course opportunities in the Lake District, Isle of Arran and Sorbas Basin, Spain.

Our Environmental Science students enjoy trips to the Northumberland coast and Cheviot Hills.

You can also opt to study abroad as part of your degree.

Marine Science

During your final year of study you will undertake a residential field course overseas. Currently, our students have a choice of three destinations – Bermuda, Mexico or Portugal.

The Bermuda and Mexico field courses usually run in September just before you start your final year. The Portugal field course takes place around the Easter break of your final year.

All three overseas field courses follow the same format of practical group activities during the first few days. These get you familiar with your environment and introduce you to new organisms and sampling techniques.

These are followed by a small group research project. You get to choose your own research topic based on your interests and ideas developed during the group activities.

Tutorials back in the UK provide opportunities for reflection on:

• Learning outcomes
• Data analysis training
• Scientific report writing

You will also take part in a residential field trip to the Isle of Cumbrae, off the west coast of Scotland, in the summer before you start your second year of study.

You can also opt to study abroad as part of your degree.

Find out what it was like on our field trip to Bermuda.

Study Abroad

We encourage you to enrich your degree by taking advantage of the opportunity to study or work abroad.

Through an international exchange programme you can:

  • experience different cultures
  • develop your skills and grow in confidence
  • make new friends
  • boost your CV

The Erasmus+ exchange programme allows you to study or work in another European country.

There are also options to study with one of our partners outside Europe.

Find out more about your eligibility and the academic side of the exchange programme by talking to your School Exchange Coordinator‌.