About Us

NESCI is based in North East England.

British Isles mapWe are involved with a range of activities. We:

  • Carry out scientific research;
  • Work with clinicians to investigate health solutions for degenerative diseases;
  • Engage with the public in debates and dialogue on ethical issues;
  • Work closely with commercial partners to help create jobs and wealth in the North East

We work with other stem cell scientists, clinicians and educators through organisations such as the Cell Therapy Catapult, ATMP Manufacturing Community, International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks, and RegeNer8.

Mission Statement

NESCI draws together the North East's Universities and NHS Trusts in a unique interdisciplinary collaboration to convert stem cell research and technologies into cost effective, ethically robust 21st century health solutions to ameliorate degenerative diseases, the effects of ageing and serious injury. To achieve this goal, NESCI will train a new generation of basic science and health professionals, host stem cell researchers from outside the UK as part of an international consortium for stem cell research, foster the emergence of new healthcare companies in the North East of England and provide transparent access for public engagement in the ethical debate surrounding the use of human stem cell technologies.