NESCI's financial support comes from a wide range of people and organisations.

Our biggest support comes from our two partner universities (Durham and Newcastle) who have committed very large levels of support for salaries, laboratories and other support they provide to our scientists.

We receive substantial support in kind from the NHS Trusts whose staff are allowed the time to work with the scientists. This is particularly the case with the staff of the Newcastle Fertility Centre at Life, without whom the embryonic stem cell research programme would not be possible. We also receive support in kind from the Centre for Life, who provide laboratory and office space at reduced rates and other support.

The majority of our scientist’s funding for research comes from the UK’s Research Councils (such as the Medical Research Council) and local and national charitable organisations.

We receive very generous charitable donations from a range of fundraising activities and direct donations. These are primarily used to allow us to send younger scientists on training courses and conferences, enabling us to remain at the very cutting edge of stem cell science. You can find out more about this or make a donation.

We are also developing collaborations with a number of commercial partners. Find out more about our Commercialisation activity.