Our Partners

NESCI's strength lies in the active support and involvement of a range of academic, clinical, commercial and other partners. This unique collaboration of universities, hospitals, social scientists, entrepreneurs and others is at the heart of NESCI. The model for this kind of collaborative approach has been provided by the Centre for Life in Newcastle, where many of our scientists and our management team are based.

Academic Partners

Our key academic partners are the two research-intensive universities in North East England: Newcastle University and Durham University.

NESCI Partners - Durham University, Newcastle University and NHS Trust

Clinical Partners

To bring stem cell science to patients, which is our ultimate goal, means that we need a very close relationships between the university scientists and the doctors and surgeons in our local hospitals. Our main clinical partner is the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and we also work with the South Tees NHS Hospitals Trust.

The Newcastle Fertility Centre is co-located with many of our scientists at the Centre for Life. They have produced some information about their Egg Sharing for Research scheme.

Other Significant Partners

All of our work needs to be done safely, ethically and with the involvement and engagement of the public. We work with the Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Institute (PEALS) on a range of related issues.

NESCI is also a vital component of the Newcastle Science City programme of developing and reinforcing world-class strengths in science research.