Barrow Hill Test Facilities

Barrow Hill Full Scale Test Facilities

NewRail has excellent facilities for full-scale rail vehicle and track investigation.

Our Barrow Hill test facility is on a 14 acre site just outside Chesterfield, UK.

It's connected to mainline railway network, with undercover vehicle accommodation - including maintenance pits and ancillary services.

There is over a mile of running track with:

  • a wide range of vehicles and carriages
  • engineering workshops
  • high performance computer modelling facilities
  • dedicated NewRail office including meeting facilities

For more information on NewRail's facilities at Barrow Hill, please contact Prof. Mark Robinson.

You can download our Introductory Presentation (PDF:1.976KB) of projects carried out at Barrow Hill.

Location of Barrow Hill

Wheel-Rail Testing

NewRail's Wheel-Rail Interface Group is active in wheel-rail testing at Barrow Hill for projects and consultancy services, including:

  • crack initiation and growth in rails
  • wear in rails
  • fatigue
  • adhesion at the wheel-rail interface