Laboratory Testing Facilities

Laboratory Testing Facilities

Our laboratories are based at Newcastle University allowing us to provide high quality testing and consultancy services.

Our laboratories are available for the following areas:

  • full range of mechanical testing and materials characterisation equipment (including a falling weight impact rig)
  • equipment for resin infusion, vacuum bag moulding, press moulding, putrusion (thermoset and thermoplastic), powder impregnation and filament winding
  • welding and joining techniques
  • failure analysis: metals and composites
  • modelling: finite element software, plant design, fire modelling of composites

Small Scale Fire Reaction Testing

NewRail has particular expertise in the measuring the fire properties of materials. Our test equipment includes:

  • a furnace
  • jet heat flux up to 200 kW/sq.m.
  • cone calorimeter
  • fire testing under load