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INNOvative monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions on lightweight WAGons.

The INNOWAG project is coordinated by NewRail and will work towards increasing rail freight competitiveness and the development of the next generation of lightweight and intelligent freight wagons, by addressing specific challenges in three essential areas. This will be achieved through the following 3 work streams:

- Work Stream 1 (WS1): Cargo condition monitoring;

- Work Stream 2 (WS2): Wagon design; and

- Work Stream 3 (WS3): Predictive maintenance.

INNOWAG will also consider the compatibility between the solutions proposed and researched in the three areas, as well as their integration into a novel wagon concept.

The concept underpinning the INNOWAG project relies on the need for rail freight to increase its competitiveness and attractiveness and the project therefore aims at developing a rail freight service that fits the needs of modern manufacturing and supply chains.

published on: 24 November 2016