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Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in urban mobility

Opportunity to build consortia for urban mobility KIC

The key objective of a KIC on urban mobility would be to ensure a greener, more inclusive, safer and smarter urban mobility system.

The EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) are partnerships that bring together businesses, research centres and universities. These partnerships, which are also relevant for urban mobility, allow:
•    innovative products and services to be offered
•    new companies to be started (for example spin-offs from research organisations)
•    a new generation of entrepreneurs to be trained

With over 70 % of EU citizens living in urban areas, there is paramount need to invest in up-to-date urban transport systems: the European Investment Bank estimates about 40 billion EUR annually.
At the same time, congestion in European cities costs 1% of EU GDP, leading to poor air quality and loss of revenue.
Sustainable urban mobility can only be achieved if breakthrough innovations leading to greener, more inclusive, safer and smarter solutions are found.
New mobility solutions in cities create opportunities for businesses – a worldwide, annual market worth an estimated 1.8 trillion EUR by 2020.

A workshop is being organised to help build consortia to bid for KICs in this area.

29th March 2017, Brussels.

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published on: 2 February 2017