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Dr Emmanuel Matsika

Research Associate


Dr. Emmanuel Matsika is a Research Associate at NewRail. He carries out research on national, EU and international projects aimed at improving performance, safety and security of road and rail transport systems. By profession, he is a mechanical engineer, holding an M.Eng and B. Eng. Additionally, he conducts research in engineering and transportation, working with international collaborative interdisciplinary teams, aimed at addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

In 2011, he obtained a PhD in railway vehicle crashworthiness focussing his research on ‘Modelling and Experimental Testing of a Wheelchair Occupant During a Railway Vehicle Crash’.

Previously, he was a lecturer in mechanical engineering in Zambia, specialising in applied mechanics, automobile and thermofluids engineering. He was also a consultant in global sustainability, specifically in the area of energy and environment working on EU, World Bank and UN projects.



  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Rail and Road Transport Engineering
  • Vehicle structural/dynamics design and analysis
  • Transport safety and security
  • Accessibility and Inclusive transport
  • Energy and Environment


  • EU SAFETY4RAILS (2020 – 2022): The SAFETY4RAILS is aimed at developing a platform to address cyber-physical threats in railway systems. Website:  

    Project Value: €9.64m

    UNEW: €328,000

    Roles: Principal Investigator (Newcastle University), and WP6 Leader

  • DistributeRainwater4Communities (Dec 2020 - Mar 2022): This RAEng - funded project is aimed at building a UK - Africa network to address Global Challenges on water resilience (transportation and distribution). 

    Project Value: £20,000

    UNEW: £2,500

    Role: Project Principal Investigator (Newcastle University)

  • InclusiveTransport4Africa (Sep 2020 - Aug 2021): This RAEng - funded project is aimed at building a UK - Africa network to address Global Challenges on Inclusive Cities. 

    Project Value: £20,000

    UNEW: £5,400

    Role: Project Principal Investigator

  • EU FAIR Stations (2017 – 2019): The FAIR Stations project aimed to develop solutions for improved passenger flow within the station, and at the platform train interface (PTI). This would put customer satisfaction, and security & safety at the centre of the station design, paying special attention to needs of PRMs (accessibility).  Website:

    Project Value: €1.2m

    UNEW: €272,000

    Roles: Principal Investigator (Newcastle University), and Technical Coordinator. 


  • Makamba M (2019): PhD in Computer Science. Dynamic Integration of Heterogeneous Services. University of South Africa (UNISA), Pretoria, South Africa.



  • Li L (2019): Automatic Gap Filler Ramp for Persons with Reduced Mobility in Railway Stations. MSc Mechanical Engineering. Newcastle University. 

  • Guo N (2018): Independent Boarding System for PRMs in Train Station. MSc Mechanical Engineering. Newcastle University.

  • Ali Shaikh F (2018): Impact of Indian Sugar Industries on Ethanol Production & on Environment. MSc Mechanical Engineering. Newcastle University.


  • Matsika E (2017): Chapter 5 Interior Train Design of Commuter Trains: Standing Seats, and Consideration for Persons with Reduced Mobility. In the book Sustainable Rail Transport /Sub-Title: Proceedings of RailNewcastle 2016 Rail Talks. Edited by Dr. Marin Marinov.
  • Gomez, D R, Wattersson, J., Americano, B.B. , Ha, C., Marland, G., Matsika E. Namayanga L. Osman, B., Saka, J., Treanton, K. (2006): Volume 2 Energy. Chapter 2 Stationary combustion. in: 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, IPCC National Greenhouse Gas. Inventory Programme, IGES, 2.1-2.45. Available at
  • Yamba F., Matsika E., Mathangwane, F., Kgabung W. M., Yameogo G., Ba L., Khennas S., Owalla H., and Gitonga, S. (2002) The Energy Transition – Is it Happening in Households?. Lusaka, Centre for Energy Environment and Engineering Zambia.



  • International Journal of Crashworthiness
  • Assistive Technology - Official journal for RESNA
  • Safety Journal
  • Sustainability Journal
  • Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering 
  • Urban Rail Transit
  • Transport Journal


- EU Transport Research Arena (TRA)


Lecturer on MSc Rail Freight and Logistics:


MEC8038 - Rail Vehicles

MEC8040 - Safety & Security