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Dr Petr Voltr

Research Associate


Dr Petr Voltr is a Research Associate for the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. His areas of expertise are railway engineering, dynamics of rail vehicles and wheel-rail contact.

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Research Interests

In the beginning of my research activities, I was dealing with numerical simulations of running behaviour of railway vehicles and modelling of suspension components. Later, I took part in several projects involving these activities but my main focus was on my PhD work - dynamics of driving systems of rail vehicles with particular respect to adhesion. Generally, my research interests include

  • Modelling of wheel-rail adhesion in vehicle dynamics
  • Transient effects (conditioning, transient rolling) in wheel-rail contact
  • Adhesion experiments on roller rigs, design and utilization of experimental equipment for simulation of wheel-rail contact
  • Dynamical behaviour of rail vehicles

Current Projects

At present, I am involved in the research projects

  • ARSS - Active Radius Steering Suspension
  • INNOWAG - Innovative Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solutions on Lightweight Wagon


At present, I have no teaching activities.

In my previous job, I taught in courses related mostly to railway vehicles, their design (concepts, functions, basic calculations) and theory (rail vehicle dynamics, wheel-rail contact theory).


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