Staff Profile

Sian Evans

NewRail Strategy Group Manager



Siân is the Manager of the NewRail Strategy Team, which is responsible for working with the NewRail Director in developing the strategic direction of the Centre.  Alongside this, she is also an experienced Project Manager working on large European funded transport research projects.  

Projects include managing NewRail researchers working as partners in:

SKILLFULL European  project -  Critically reviewing the existing, emerging and future knowledge and skills requirements of workers at all levels in the transportation sector, structuring the key specifications and components of the curricula and training courses that will be needed to meet these competence requirements and identifying and proposing new business roles in the education and training chain.

FAIR Stations European project - will develop an integrated solution that is a (fair) balance between the needs of passengers and other categories of customers and the constraints of infrastructure (stations) in general and vehicle access (door) system from platforms in particular.

SETRIS European project -The aim of SETRIS is to deliver a cohesive and coordinated approach to research and innovation strategies for all transport modes in Europe.

ETNA PLUS project (, which is further developing the network of National Contact Points (NCPs) who are an invaluable source of transport research and innovation information.  She has also managed the successful SAFEJOINT project (, which developed technologies for the design and manufacture of innovative lightweight metal to metal and metal to composite joints utilising the unique characteristic properties of specially tailored nanomaterials introduced at the joint interfacial region and also put in place the methodologies necessary for reliable through life.  A recently completed project, HERMES, designed and developed a common portal for accessing transport research databases. The project also brought together transport research database managers to collaborate in European and International projects -

An experienced proposal writer, Sian and her team work with the Core Team in NewRail to ebsure all proposals on behalf of NewRail are of the highest quality to make sure their best chances of success. 


BA (Hons)/Msc



Research Roles

“Socially Necessary Rail Services” – Cornish Railways
“Promoting Interchange Rational and Transfer Efficiencies” – South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
“LEAN – Urban Freight Logistics” – Alcatel Austria
BESTUFS – Best Urban Freight Solutions I & II – dissemination activities Thematic Network and Co-ordination Activity
BESTUFS II was a successful proposal started in 2004 and was completed in 2008.  




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