Rail Freight & Logistics

Rail Freight and Logistics

Our innovative research has enabled NewRail to become a leading research partner investigator in many European funded freight research projects.

A competitive, efficient, reliable and above all sustainable freight transport system can be achieved through intermodal and co-modal.

Where road and rail will compete as well as complement, thereby increasing capacity. Reducing the number of accidents involving citizens and also improving their quality of life through a better environment.

As a comprehensive solution, it's essential to look at door-to-door scenarios including urban freight and last mile issues. The research activities of the Rail Freight and Logistics Group have been focusing on a number of specialised areas:

  • intermodal rail freight and rail operations issues
  • innovative rail freight vehicle concepts
  • port centric logistics
  • telematic control and monitoring of freight
  • regulatory framework relating to freight and urban freight issues

Rail Freight and Logistics (RFAL) is currently involved as a partner in the following EU funded projects:

RFAL also coordinated the three recently completed EU funded projects:

RFAL has participated in many successfully completed EU funded projects. These include; online logistics benchmarking tools and an intermodal route finder, eFreight issues and an internet platform for cargo. Also best practices in road, rail and urban freight solutions.

Our work encompasses rail, urban logistics, green corridors and clean vehicles. We research the implications of the European Commission's aims to increase rail freight capacity and encourage sustainable distribution.

Our research focuses on a number of specialised areas, including the fast-growing sustainability agenda for cities of the future.