Composite materials, such as fibre reinforced plastics and sandwich panels, have considerable potential for use in the next generation of transport structures. They are lightweight, durable, and readily moulded to shape. However, there are also additional complexities associated with the use of composites, particularly in terms of design and manufacture. These complexities, together with issues of cost, are currently limiting their adoption by the transport sectors.Throughout 2002 and 2003, the COMPOSIT thematic network on "The Future Use of Composites in Transport" organised a series of workshops on ten of the critical issues associated with the use of composite materials in the aerospace, automotive and rail industries. These ten issues were repair, design and structural simulation, crashworthiness, manufacturing, lightweighting, joining, recycling, modelling, fire safety, and new material concepts. As an output from each workshop, priorities for future research activity to meet the needs of the transport sectors were identified.