EBSF - European Bus System of the Future

EBSF, the European Bus System of the Future, is one of the largest surface transport R&D projects ever undertaken by the European Union with a consortium of 47 partners and a total budget of EUR 26 million (EC contribution  EUR 16 million).EBSF is conceived as a driver to increase the attractiveness and raise the image of bus systems in urban areas, by means of developing new vehicles and infrastructure technologies in combination with operational best practices. The project will build upon state-of-the-art clean vehicular technologies and concentrate on improving the bus system as a whole. Six European cities will test and validate the project headways: Bremerhaven, Budapest, Gothenburg, Madrid, Rome and Rouen.The development of the new generation urban bus system will stimulate European cities to deploy new bus lines making public transport more attractive. The new "European Bus System" concept stemming from the project will also help European manufacturers to maintain or improve their competitive position.