Energy Harvesting for Signaling and Communication System

The objective of the ETALON project is the adaptation of energy harvesting methodologies for trackside and on-board signalling and communication. ETALON will contribute to the enhancement of train integrity functionalities, providing a suitable energy supply for on-board train integrity (particularly targeted at cases where trains do not have any power supply available on the wagons) and a robust radio communication system between vehicles that could be the basis for a train integrity check. ETALON will also contribute to the reduction of cost, providing an energy harvesting solution for Smart Radio connected wayside objects and implementing an off-board radio communication system with object controllers that could minimise trackside infrastructure, particularly cabling.

NewRail, supported by the Swan Centre for Energy Research will be actively involved in:

Within these Work Packages, the principal roles of NewRail will be to assist in the specification, design and development of the on-train and trackside energy harvesting solutions and the on train communication system. In addition, NewRail will have a role in the design and implementation of testing and validation of the prototype systems, including the leading role in the laboratory and controlled environment testing of the prototypes.

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