FOSTER-RAIL addresses the broad support challenges of SST.2013.6-1: Strengthening the research and innovation strategies of the transport industries in Europe.

This Research action is a Level 1 Coordination and Support Action aimed at supporting the land transport European Technology Platforms activities.

This action will assist ERRAC and the other transport-related European technology platforms (ETP). Defining research needs for their strategies and programmes in order to realise the objectives of the Europe-2020 strategy and further the vision of the White Paper 2011 for a competitive and resource-efficient future transport system.

This will be done in consultation with the European Commission (EC) and Member States and Associated States (MS/AS).

The FOSTER-RAIL work plan has been structured into 8 Work Packages (WP) which correspond to a series of logical steps with a certain degree of inter-relation that will ensure the successful outcome of the project.

In particular, FOSTER-RAIL will integrate the work done so far by ERRAC and its Working Groups and develop it further. It will build on ERRAC-ROADMAP and continue to support and enhance cooperation between stakeholders, including decision-makers, and enhance the definition of strategic research and innovation needs.

Regarding research and innovation targeting co-modality and other multi-modal issues, FOSTER-RAIL will address them in supportive cooperation with other transport modes. Finally, this project will be an essential support tool to provide a relevant Strategic Rail Research and Innovation Agenda as well as a Rail Business Scenario for 2050.

This Railway Business Scenario will be the reference for future research agendas and technology roadmaps to be developed in the timeframe from now until 2050.

Contact the Project Leader: Prof Mark Robinson