The objective of the EC co-funded (under FP7) KOMODA project was to develop a structure and coherent action plan for innovation and change towards integrated Europe wide e-Logistics, based on the principles of co-modality that aims to utilise the strengths of all modes individually as well as in combination of several modes. KOMODA adopted a bottom up approach with strong involvement of the freight industry stakeholders to achieve the objective.  Under the leadership of NewRail, the project applied qualitative Delphi study using Bristol Online Survey for data collection and benchmarking eLogistics systems and application. The project had the following four major steps:• Data collection and benchmarking of the eLogistics systems and applications (in WP1);• Analysis of SME’s logistics needs (in WP2);• Analysis of obstacles and opportunities (in WP3); and• Definition of a road-map of actions for the innovation and change (in WP4).