MyCorridor: Mobility as a Service in a multimodal European cross-border corridor

MyCorridor addresses the development of innovative concepts, systems and services towards MaaS (mobility as a service). Specifically, the aim is to develop a technological and business platform to make MaaS a sustainable reality, seamlessly integrating public and private transport systems as needed, into a cross-border travel chain, without owing any of them. Service rather than ownership is at the core of MaaS.

The MyCorridor approach is underpinned by four key aspects:

  1. Definition of the disruptive nature of MaaS;
  2. Practical implementation of TM2.0 ( and foundations towards TM2.1;
  3. Definition, development and testing of an integrated architecture based on mobility tokens and one-stop shop suitable for roaming aspects using international pilot corridors;
  4. Evidence-based recommendations on end-user acceptability, business models, integration of MaaS, potential incentives and policy