OSIRIS - Optional Strategy to Innovate and Reduce energy consumption In urban rail Systems. Urban rail systems are complex environments and their energy consumption is characterised by a wide range of inter-dependent factors. This means that it is often extremely difficult to assess the net benefits of introducing new energy saving technologies. Whilst a new technology might yield improvements in certain areas, it might also compromise other aspects of system performance. OSIRIS aims at an holistic approach for the reduction of energy consumption for urban rail systems embracing vehicles, infrastructure and operation. The project will define Key Performance Indicators and Standard Duty Cycles to measure energy consumption in urban rail systems. Then, rather than focusing only on specific technologies, it will address the issue from the system-level ensuring that progress on energy reduction is substantial. The effectiveness of solutions and their full potential will be proven by means of simulations and pilot tests. OSIRIS will introduce the entire discovered knowledge into a Decision Support Tool, to aid strategic decision making in companies (i.e. operators) and governments (i.e. public authorities).NewRail's Roberto Palacin will lead the work packages contributing to the definition and development of operational requirements and needs as well as the integration of technical results and economic assessment for Decision Support.